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Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy is a safe and non-invasive treatment modality that affects the local immune system, blood and lymph circulation, cell metabolism, and modulates the release of different substances, such as ATP, endorphins and other healing compounds naturally made by the body.

Laser Therapy reduces inflammation, reduces pain, and accelerates tissue regeneration. If done correctly, laser therapy can initiate the body's own healing processes to profoundly increase mobility, healing and reduce pain and disability.  When used with appropriate natural medicines which also reduce inflammation and stimulate healing, laser therapy can be extremely effective.

The laser used by Dr. Brereton is specifically designed to optimize the healing action of the body.  The probes are optimized to reduce inflammation (superpulsed 904 nm GaAs laser) and to reduce pain (808 nm GaAlAs laser). 

While therapeutic laser is a very safe treatment and most people respond very well to its use, there are some who do not respond to this type of therapy.  

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