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I have been a patient of Trent’s for quite a few years now and during that time my trust in his expertise and wisdom continually grows! I find him to be extremely knowledgeable and conscientious, and most importantly a good listener! It is nice that he keeps such thorough notes – on more than one occasion it has been extremely helpful to be able to look back to see previous ailments that now help to explain new ones. Recently I had been experiencing some troubling symptoms that didn’t seem to have a cause. I went through a barrage of traditional medical tests and the results kept coming back as normal. But the problem was I continued to experience distressing symptoms! Trent’s inquisitive open-mindedness, paired with years of training and experience are what finally led to a diagnosis, and treatment to make me feel better. He bases his treatment on how each patient feels, as opposed to just numbers on a chart.  After months of disruption to my normally busy and active daily life due to this illness, I am elated to say that I feel great again!! I highly recommend Dr. Brereton 

Over many years, I have found Trent's professionalism to be impeccable. His manner is warm and welcoming, and reflects caring for his clients. Up to date and knowledgeable, Trent's awareness often goes beyond that of medical doctors. Dr Brereton is very trustworthy, open, and receptive. I highly recommend his practice. 5 stars!

I feel very lucky to have Trent as my practitioner! He goes above and beyond for the welfare of his clients. I recommend Trent to anybody! I'm very impressed with his compassion!

Trent has treated my mom for several years when she needs help to recover her health and he's really wonderfully patient with her. Really I am impressed with his unending compassion and patience!

Dr. Brereton helped me a lot. I no longer feel tired or depressed. He helped me change my diet and I feel great.

Trent is thorough and works with you. He makes sure you understand things. He writes things down for you. Easy going. Does know his stuff and if there is something he's not sure about, he will say so rather than guessing.